for functional surfaces

Research and development

R&D as part of sponsorship projects with partners from industry and research.


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We offer solutions for various display technologies for the following applications: Frontlight, backlight, heads-up, waveguide, diffusers and new display technologies.


Lighting and light design play an important role. temilux®ID, temilux®LG and light diffusers are products for general and automotive lighting.


Photovoltaics are becoming ever more important to the worldwide energy supply. In this field, the focus is on producing more efficient, cost-effective photovoltaic modules.


Microlens arrays (MLA), solid angle selective and light projector elements, AR structures, optical grids and optical precision components make optical systems more efficient.

Life Science

Microstructures and nanostructures open new analysis capabilities in medical technology and improve existing methods.

New Business

We work within funding projects and collaborate with our customers to use microstructures and nanostructures in implementing new ideas in series product manufacturing.

Nano and Micro Structuring


Design & Simulation

In the design phase of product development, we use software tools for simulation and visualization of micro and nano structures.


We use laser interference lithography and UV lithography to create many microstructures and nanostructures.


With electroplating, we create a metallic copy of a photo resist master. This is to transfer the micro or nano structures to a stable metal tool.


For series production of nano-structured and micro-structured films and plates, we use roll-to-roll (R2R) and roll-to-plate (R2P) systems.

Measurement technology

For optical and topographical characterization of surfaces, we use various inline and offline measurement technologies.