Microsieves and microfilters

Microfilters and micromembranes down to the sub-micrometer range are used in a variety of applications in medical technology, analytics and biotechnology.

Other areas of use can be found in the food industry, environmental technology, pharmaceuticals or in optical, fluidic, mechanical and electronic systems.

Various areas of application benefit from Spray nozzles, microfilters and micromembranes | Nozzles, microsieves and microfilters

Microsieves and microfilters

Microfilters or membranes with hole or slot widths in the lower micrometer or sub-micrometer range - down to 300 nm - are used in a variety of applications. For example, in environmental technology, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or in optical, fluidic, mechanical or electronic systems.

The microhole structures are used for filtration or separation, for example. Microorganisms or bacteria from water or food or pollutant particles from the air can be separated in this way. In other applications, microfilters are used to concentrate particles for subsequent analysis.

Microsieves are also used to sieve powders with defined particle sizes. The temicon technology enables the production of microfilters with tailor-made rounded edges, for example to optimize the cleaning of clogged holes.

Functional surfaces by temicon