Microfluidic structures

Microfluidics chips bring together functions like transport, separation, mixture, storage and control of biomedical fluids.

The chips are often shaped like microscope slides (26 mm x 76 mm) with typical structural dimensions ranging from micrometers to several hundred micrometers.

Transport, separation, mixture, storage and control of biomedical fluids with microscope slides shaped chips  | Microfluidic structures

Microfluidic structures

Microfluidic structures are used in lab-on-a-chip systems and many life science applications. They allow investigation or control of the tiniest quantities of fluid, within the nano-liter range.

Producing micro-channels and cavities often pushes conventional machining technology to its limits.

As a producer of lithographically manufactured microfluidic structures, temicon offers the advantages of tiny, highly precise structure dimensions, low roughness values and minimal edge rounding.

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