Research and development

Innovation is temicon’s central driver of growth. A much greater than average proportion of engineers, technicians and scientists work at temicon on tomorrow’s products and technologies.

Our  central driver of growth | Innovation


We observe relevant markets, study new market and customer demand, and derive product ideas from them. We develop solution concepts and use our micro- and nano-technology platform for simulation to tool production to series manufacturing.

More than 2.4 million euro funding volume


temicon participates in various European and national R&D funding project in collaboration with partners from research institutes and industry. This involves trailblazing technologies such as development of innovative light management solutions for the next generation of display and LED lighting technologies, microoptical structures for better use of solar energy, to completely new microfluidic structures for the life sciences.

Research and development

Sample projects

Laser Roll project

Laserstrukturierung von Druck- und Prägewalzen für die Rolle-zu-Rolle Produktion

>Laser Roll project
IBELIVE project

Light-directing micro-structures for concrete applications

>IBELIVE project
3D LED project

Development of a 3D light field LED wall system that does not require glasses

>3D LED project
Nanolight project

Use of micro- and nano-structures for defined limits between light and dark

>Nanolight project
HyperSol project

Creation of solar fuels using catalytic converters with gilded nano-structures

>HyperSol project
Thomas Ruhl — Christoph Stöver

Technology Manager — R&D Project Coordinator

Contact details:

Thomas Ruhl - tel: +49. 231. 39721- 447

Christoph Stöver - tel: +49. 761. 137 3155- 64

R&D projects

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Funding code: EFRE-0801659

Laser Roll

Hochauflösende Laserstrukturierung von Druck- und Prägewalzen für die Rolle-zu-Rolle Produktion gedruckter Elektronik sowie mikro- und nanostrukturierter Folien (LaserRoll)

One of the most flexible methods for creating seamless roller tools for the production of optical films or printed electronics is to use direct laser writing. The structures and functions that are possible are largely determined by the writing resolution of this technique. In the LaserRoll project, methods for next-generation laser direct writing are being developed - with previously unattainable resolution, precision and quality. The evaluation of the new high-resolution embossing tools is carried out by temicon in the UV roll imprint. For this purpose, innovative structure types will be designed, suitable UV coatings will be developed and the nanoimprint machine system will be used for the new process. At the end of the project, temicon will produce prototype seamless structured foils and plates on which the miniaturized structural features will be imprinted.



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Funding code: 13N14611


Innovative hybrid diffusers for flat lighting systems with custom light distribution.

In the IBELIVE project, light-directing microstructures are developed for three specific applications:

  • the intermediate image plane of head-up displays
  • homogeneous backlighting of ultra-thin displays
  • intelligent flashes for digital cameras

Here temicon is developing holographic diffuser structures and transfers them to an injection molding tool. This makes use of our competence in seamless diffuser surfaces and at the same time tests combination with bionic antireflection structures (moth-eye structures). With the injection molding tool, the next step is research into the mass replication of the structures. At the end of the process, there will be the process expertise for producing demonstration prototypes of compact, multifunction components.



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Development of a 3D light field LED wall system that uses special diffusers for improved visualization

In the 3D LED project, temicon is engaged in groundbreaking further development of its technologies for manufacturing holographic diffusers and is aiming for innovative new product categories: Wide angle diffusers for slim, homogeneous LC display backlighting and elliptical anti-glare structures for use in new 3D light field screens.



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In the Nanolight project, micro- and nano-structures are used to draw a defined line between light and dark. With development of innovative optical micro-structures, temicon is helping improve the glare behavior of modern automotive headlights and thus improving road safety. The structures must be transferred to a corresponding injection molding tool to then be replicated in the selected target materials. As a result, demonstration parts of the injection molded semi-finished products will be produced for making headlights.



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Nature shows us how: Through photosynthesis using natural sunlight, CO₂ and water, biomass is created. The HyperSol project is focused on that model: Using a new catalytic converter based on plasmonic nano-structures, it is possible in a reactor chamber to use sunlight to covert CO₂ into energy-rich gases and fluids, such as methane or methanol. temicon’s goal in this project is process development for cost-efficient reproduction of these nano-structure using a roll-to-plate process. This forms the basis for an especially exciting branch of the energy transition: Creation of solar fuels.

This project is being supported by funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the "Lead Market New Materials".