Design & Simulation

In the design phase of product development, we at temicon use software tools for simulation and visualization of microstructures and nanostructures.

For the optimal design, we use not only ray tracing software, but also wave-optical algorithms. This calculates the optical properties of the microstructured and nanostructured surfaces and optimizes performance.

Software tools for simulation and visualization of microstructures and nanostructures in the product design phase | Design & Simulation

Optimized nano- and microstructuring

Optical modeling of nano- and microstructures

Non-approximated ray tracing of stochastically microstructured surfaces is used to gain an understanding of important optical effects.

This approach leads to correct modeling of the transmission and internal total reflection under any AOI. This also allows complex, non-Gaussian scattering patterns to be modeled for designing a suitable diffuser for a wide range of applications, for example.





RCWA methods


structure sizes