temicon is a worldwide technology leader and series producer of microstructured and nanostructured components, films and functional surfaces.

temicon offers these functional surfaces as solutions that are preassembled or tailored to the needs of customers.

Solutions for the needs of customers from the worldwide leader temicon | Nano and microstructures

Nano- and microstructuring at temicon

Nano- and microstructures enable innovative product developments. The best examples are anti-reflective structures that mimic moth eyes. Surfaces are provided with microstructures that are only a few nanometers in size and are imperceptible to the human eye. temicon develops nanoimprint molds and processes for very different applications. The spectrum ranges from microlens arrays to holographic diffusers.

With us, you get nano- and microstructures in the way you need them to realize your product idea. This starts with prototyping, using various tools for simulation and modeling, and extends to cost-effective series production of structured surfaces using nanoimprint technology.

As diverse as the areas of application for microstructure technology are, so too are the structures that are used for a wide variety of applications.

Some of these structures are copied from nature, such as the moth's eye or shark skin. These structures can be used, for example, to minimize reflections in optical systems or to reduce flow resistance.

Microfluidic structures enable new analysis methods in medical technology and help to carry out examinations faster and more cost-effectively. Diffusers can be customized and thus open up new ways of designing light. There are many other examples that show how the use of micro- and nanostructures can improve properties or even enable certain functions, thus opening up new fields of application.

Types of nanostructures / microstructures